So who is the Little Round Runner? She’s not a Doctor or an Olympian or a professional coach. She’s a forty-something 5ft 4in 200lb+  runner, with (as of the end of 2015) assorted 5k and 10k races, 39 half marathons, four full marathons and several charitable races under her (slightly overstretched) belt.

Why does she blog? Well, why not? She’s not hurting anybody and it frees up her Facebook feed for all important cat pictures and cocktail recipes.

Who is this blog for? Anyone who runs. No limit on how fast, how far, how old, tall, short, fat, skinny, whether you do it on one leg or two legs, in a wheelchair, led by a guide or never leave the house without your blankie and a roll of lavatory paper. If you run, you’re a runner.

Does she advocate unhealthy practices? No. Does she recommend that anyone attempting to start exercising consult their Doctor and get themselves checked out before starting? YES SHE DEFINITELY DOES – be careful with your health, people occasionally die running, so take this stuff seriously. And wear some high viz if you’re outdoors, that’s just sensible.

What she does here is report, on the trials and tribulations of your average “weekend warrior”, a middle aged lady not averse to a decent Malbec and a cheeseboard, who still wants to exercise and try to keep things moving. An inhabitant of the middle ground between bed-bound and Paula Radcliffe. Living proof that chubby doesn’t mean unmotivated and lazy and that red faced puffing around hills doesn’t necessarily equate to abject misery either, and is in fact frequently bizarre, gross, hilarious and life affirming, all in the same mile.

Take it from a little round runner, running is fun and definitely worth a try, after all, when was the last time somebody gave you a medal for your efforts?

Big love, Roundie xOx


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