Wiggle it, just a little bit…

Hello dear reader! Did you run this last week? I did! After last week’s rude awakening I have done better this past week. As my blog posted (thanks automatic scheduler) I was at the gym doing some speed training and I’ve been back to the gym for my long slow run since too.
I cannot emphasise enough how slow I am though. Tectonic slow. Growing out a bad haircut slow. But slow is good, safe, done. When you’re heavy it’s really easy to get injured and it takes a long time to get back to training, by which point you can have put on a whole stack of weight, thus exacerbating the problem. So slow is good. Slow means I get to come back and do it again this week. Consistency builds momentum and momentum is really good.
But I did half an hour of speed work and a whole lot of stretching on Monday night and felt a lot better for it. Which brings me to the whole concept of stretching.

Stretch yourself. Doesn’t it feel good? Just a little bit? When you get out of bed, out of a chair, away from your desk? Give yourself a once over and really stretch. Give your toes a wiggle, and your ankles. Work your way up from there. Oh go on, nobody is looking, I promise. Or try the clench and release. Apart from anything else, giving your buttocks a good hard squeeze and then releasing them is fun. Try it in meetings, on the bus, waiting for the kettle to boil. Trust me. Clench and release. It gets the blood moving, and the lymph, whose sole purpose seems to be to rid the body of all the crap we pump into it. Go on. Stretch and squeeze everything. It doesn’t matter if you can’t touch your toes or even your nose. It will feel good and do you good. And it will make you so much more flexible and relaxed if you keep at it. And its’ free. So that’s got to be worth a little try.
Next weekend I’m going to run my first half marathon of 2016. Madness, I know, but I’m a sucker for a medal and it will be my 40th career half, so a huge milestone. I’m very excited. Of course, this may not happen if my car fails its MOT for a second time. So I shall be praying to the automotive Gods for good fortune and friendly mechanics. Maybe sacrificing a biscuit or a cup of tea in the process. I’m not sure. After that. Running 13.1 miles will hardly be a stretch at all.
Big love to you in your running. And in case you’re wondering why a fattish woman of advanced years runs long distances in the pouring rain, well, this is why:
Basically it’s for love.

Have a great week and stretch already!

Roundie x