Reasons to keep trying

They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  This last week I’ve let myself down and let you down, dear reader. I started the week with such good intentions, but running didn’t happen.

On Tuesday night, instead of running, I staggered home at the end of a long day and slumped on the couch, done in. I was in bed by 9pm. Thursday night it was after-work drinks. Not that late, I left the bar at 8.30pm, but because of that I didn’t get home until 10.30pm, in bed by 11.30. Sunday, I got up at 8am, but was still tired, and spent an exhausted day trying to figure out where my energy had gone. By 4pm it was obvious that I wasn’t going to the gym.

So where does this leave my running? How can I be “the little round runner” if I don’t run? I thought about covering my ass and talking about kit or food or something. But if I’m going to be honest and deserve my successes, then I’ve got to be honest about how I got there.

My new job means I get up at 5.30am and get home at 7pm at the earliest, five days a week. I didn’t realise how knackering that was going to be. I underestimated how much rest I was going to need and just couldn’t get off my ass to drive to the gym… I just didn’t get what I needed in order to train. I have to learn from this week and take better care of myself. This week’s goal is to get 7 hours sleep a night and go to the gym after work. It doesn’t matter what I do there, just that I can prove to myself that I can get there.

This isn’t quitting, you haven’t failed until you stop trying. You just have to have enough reasons to keep trying. So here it is…

Reasons to keep trying number 1

Whether I run or not this week, I’m going to keep trying. What you do or don’t do is up to you. Hopefully see you soon.


Roundie x